Apr 192014

From October 12, 2013; http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/1ArtofTraining JP Giacomini The important part of CC with young horses (in fact all horses) is where you put the weight of rider. The weight should be on the stirrup on the side of lead, to keep that foot (of the horse) grounded and guaranteeing the lead. The horse needs to […]

Apr 112014
French Braid

Whenever I ride I like to look at the mobility of the TMJ joint of Cruzado.  It’s pretty easy on circles to the left but the mane gets in the way when he is flexed to the right.  The solution; braid the mane.  I like to stay tight near the ears and loose as I […]

Apr 052014
Photographing Horses

Today’s digital cameras differ from the film cameras of yesteryear in that they contain a very powerful computer. The computer in today’s camera is able to analyze the picture you are about to take select the best settings. If it is too dark the computer will turn on the flash. To take maximum benefit of […]

Apr 042014
Da Brim

Now that Linda and I are senior citizens we try to be careful about exposure to the sun.  We always wear sun screen and long sleeve shirts.  Now we’ve added brims to our helmets.  WE LOVE THEM!   Shade like a cowboy hat – and we don’t have to give up our helmets. http://www.dabrim.com/


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