Apr 192014

From October 12, 2013; http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/1ArtofTraining
JP Giacomini

The important part of CC with young horses (in fact all horses) is where you put the weight of rider. The weight should be on the stirrup on the side of lead, to keep that foot (of the horse) grounded and guaranteeing the lead. The horse needs to be bent with the turn and eh rider pushes outward with each stride (but keeps turning his/her hips with teh turn.) Any action on teh rein in the turn (either pulling on the inside rein of the turn, or using too much outside rein) will unbalance the horse and make him change.

This kind of CC with weight outside of turn is very beneficial to horse: it lenghtens the horse on the side of the lead and teaches him balance.

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