Learning about horses is a bit like viewing the proverbial iceberg.  Learning to ride is the visible part and just below the surface there is a much larger piece; the part about horsemanship.  As you learn to ride you will also become familiar with handling the horse, grooming and health maintenance.  You will learn some equine physiology and psychology.  You will learn techniques on how to maintain mastery and partnership in your horse/human relationship without becoming a predator.  Head instructor and co-owner of K.I.S.S. Horse Center is Anita Markiewicz; here is her biography.

Private and semi-private lessons:                                                                                                                          Classical Dressage                                                                                                                                                   Western Dressage                                                                                                                                                         Centered Riding for all disciplines
Horsemanship ground work
Horsemanship under saddle
Jumping for eventing or hunter/jumpers

The best bet is to contact Anita and arrange to audit a lesson from another student at your approximate riding level.  From there you and Anita can develop an appropriate plan.

“Classical Horsemanship has been my focus and my life’s quest. I have always treated each individual horse as uniquely as they are. I work with the nature of each individual, both equine and human, adjusting as I go.”
Anita Markiewicz, Owner and Manager of K.I.S.S. Horse Center.




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