Every time you are together with your horse the horse is learning.  If you let them graze on the grass as they walk to the riding arena they will learn that it is OK to stop for a snack when they feel like it.  If you let them barge into your space they will learn that they can move you aside and go wherever they want.  It is important to establish who is in charge right from the beginning.

Training a horse under saddle is no different.  If you are riding you are also training.  If you always lean to the left but ask the horse to go straight – the horse will learn that life is easier to ignore your leaning, which will be a major inconvenience later in the training pyramid.


K.I.S.S. Horse center will train your horse if you like.  We will train manners on the ground and ability under saddle.   Generally training the horse incorporates teaching the rider so the horse/human partnership can develop together.

K.I.S.S. Horse Center offers a wide array of training services. Contact Anita Markiewicz, Owner and Manager of K.I.S.S. to schedule a custom training program tailored to you and your horses’ individual needs.

Full or partial training

Starting under saddle

Behavior modification

Dressage or classical riding

Horsemanship, including ground work and under saddle


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